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ParkWatch - Keep Trails Safe for All

ParkWatch is an effort to make state parks and national public lands in Northern California more enjoyable for hikers, equestrians, and all who enjoy getting outdoors. It allows trail users to help land managers handle incidents on the trails, and provide praise for jobs well-done.

The ParkWatch site is a one-stop website for all local trail and public land related issues and alerts. Use the site to file incident reports, which will be forwarded to the proper Park Supervisor or law enforcement agency. Filing reports also helps create a permanent record and data collection.

In the future, more State Parks, public land areas and Park Districts in central and northern ParkWatch cardCalifornia will be added. Regardless of the area or trail, you are encouraged to report all trail incidents and kudos here.

To get a free ParkWatch card, see right, with information on the program and how to file a report, contact Jim Ricker at jvricker@prince-ricker.net or by phone at 530-389-8344.

Updated 9/15/14

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