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June 25 Hike to Euchre Bar and Southern Cross MineEuchre Bar Bridge

Join NFARA on a 5-6 mile hike from Iron Point to the Southern Cross mine on the North Fork American River on Sunday, June 25th at 9:00am.

From Iron Point we will descend 1800 feet on the steep trail to the river and bridge at Euchre Bar. Crossing the river the trail continues up canyon to the Southern Cross mine and beyond. This is one of the more beautiful trail accessible sections of the NF canyon and the trail offers nice views of the river. At the Southern Cross mine we will explore the remains of the mill and other artifacts from the mine. If the river is low enough to safely cross, we may also explore the Blackhawk mine which is located across river from the Southern Cross mine. We will have lunch by the river before returning back up the trail to Iron Point.

We will meet at Iron Point at 9am. For more information contact Ron Gould at ron@northforktrails.com or (530) 878-9232.

Updated 6/10/17


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