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We meet monthly on the third Tuesday of each month, and alternate business meetings with program meetings. Our meeting information is on the NFARA activity calendar.

Trail Maintenance

Great Sierra River Cleanup - Saturday September 20 is the sixth annual Great Sierra River Cleanup (GSRC). NFARA will once again join this effort by organizing a clean-up event along the Wild and Scenic North Fork American River near the Colfax-Iowa Hill Bridge. The area, which includes Mineral Bar and the Penny Weight Trail, is a favorite with locals, families, recreational miners, swimmers, and hikers. The heavy use results in lots of trash and other resource damage. One popular swimming site has recently been tagged with graffiti.

This outing will consist of an easy walk along the river picking up and bagging trash and hauling bags back to the trailhead. If we can get Bureau of Land Management approval, we will attempt to remove the graffiti. The event is suitable for everyone including families. We are joined in this effort by State Parks, Upper American River Foundation, Canyon Keepers, and Protect American River Canyons.

Green Valley Trash 2013 The Great Sierra River Clean-up is coordinated by the Sierra Nevada Conservancy in partnership with the California Coastal Cleanup Day and serves to promote good stewardship on all our waterways. Last year over 18,000 volunteers turned out to remove approximately 580 tons of garbage and recyclables from sites up and down the Sierra Nevada. In 2013, NFARA cleaned up three sites in Green Valley. Approximately 500 pounds of trash was collected and piled in one spot above the flood line to be hauled out later.


Hike in Gold Run Diggings
Giant Gap On Saturday, March 29, the North Fork American River Alliance will partner with the Sierra Club on a hike to the BLM lands in the southern part of the Gold Run Diggings. We will follow seldom-used trails and an old mining ditch. Enjoy views of the American River Canyon while visiting an abandoned miner's cabin as well as other sites in this historic mining area.

This will be approximately a 5 mile hike with about 700 feet of elevation gain. Bring water, lunch, appropriate layers, a hat, and good boots. For meeting time and place or further information contact Ron Gould at rgould@northforktrails.com (preferred) or 530-878-9232.

Short Story of the Miner's Cabin
Miner's Cabin Before The old stone cabin in the Gold Run Diggings has been severely damaged. During a storm sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2012, a tree fell on the cabin. Located on BLM land in the Indiana Hill Pit area, the cabin is a popular destination for those exploring the diggings.

Russell Towle called the Indiana Pit area The Secret World because as one enters the pit afterr a short walk through a tunnel, it is like emerging into a "secret world".

Not much is known about the history of the cabin. In November, 2003 Russell Towle wrote:
”In the Secret World is a small stone cabin, built I believe by one Byron Emric, maybe in the 1930s. He used clay for mortar, and gleaned some corrugated sheet iron for a roof. Un-fortunately, the cabin was vandalized in 1998, and appears to have been struck again in 2003. A large part of the wall around the door has now collapsed."
Miner's Cabin After
Three years ago, North Fork American River Alliance volunteers cleared brush on the access trail to the cabin. NFARA also had discussions with the BLM about helping them stabilize the cabin to a state of "arrested decay". Unfortunately, the cabin took a direct hit from a snag and is probably too damaged to restore.

We want to share the canyon with others. Check the NFARA activity calendar. for hikes.

Updated 9/16/14


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